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About Scott Larkin

My name is Scott Larkin. I am a certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). I have had the opportunity to change lives in the physical therapy and health club setting since 1998. During this time I had the privilage to gain knowledge and experience first as a full time personal trainer and then as the the Director of Personal Training at one of the best and most well respected health clubs in the world, Gainesville Health and Fitness, in Gainesville, Fl.

Everyday I wake up and live by the following mission: "I will use my knowledge, leadership, and experince to empower people to live better and grow professionally". I specialize in pre, and post-rehab program design, sports performance strength and conditioning, and periodized programing for the "everyday" athlete.

My Philosophy:

I believe in training the entire movement pattern, only isolating and training specific muscles when needed. I design training programs that integrate movements that will mimic the movements required to be successful in our careers, athletic events, and everyday living.

My Background

I was fortunate to know what my professional path would be early in life... or so I thought. I have been active an athletic my entire life. When I was 14, I had my ankle severely broken while playing in a soccer tournament. During the rehabilitation process I was introduced to and worked with Aaron mattes. This interaction and experience opened my eyes to how people can impact you in a positive way during a less than positive time. After a lengthy ankle rehab process I was able to return to the field, not only with a stronger ankle, but also a career path in physical therapy.

By the time I started college at the University of Florida (GO GATORS!!), I realized that athletic training was the path I really wanted to take. I realized that prevention was the key. As an athletic trainer I am able to reach these athletes before they get injured and help them build a bigger and better athlete...

After about 3 years of working in the physical therapy setting, I again realized that I needed to reach these "everyday athletes" before they received injuries. This led me to Gainesville Health and Fitness.

I have finally found my passion and my direction!! Being able to help people on a daily basis truly is a life changing and rewarding blessing.

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NSCA- CPT Exam development committee


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